Based on our great experience and many installations with LED solutions in European rolling stock, we have developed an extensive construction kit. We can also offer LED solutions for your vehicle that comply with standards. If required, we can produce customer-focussed design developments. Marker / tail lights and headlights are available up to very high light intensities.


Many of our lights include:
· Light modules for marker / tail light and high-beam headlights, including in freeform
· Casings, e.g. of PUR, GRP or aluminium
· Front panes made of mineral glass, including heatable ones
· Monitoring systems
· Adjustment systems


In coordination with the customer, we determine whether the front frames should be produced from aluminium casting or plastic. In addition, we can procure curved front panes, normally with ceramic screen printing and pane heating, and fit these into the front frames.


We have the following documentation for all lights:


· Test planning
· Test procedure planning
· First sample test plan (type test plan)
· Series test plan
· Technical documentation
· Technical description
· Lamps, circuit diagram
· Lamp replacement
· Installation instructions
· Maintenance advice
· Information about the life span, fire protection, recycling
· Adjusting instructions for headlights
· Fire protection certificate
· Acceptance test certificate
· Technical drawings and models


The service life of a railway vehicle is 30 years or more. With careful storage of tools, administration of drawings and obsolescence management, we are able to create replacement lamps or replacement parts, at least with an identical function, through until the vehicle is withdrawn from service. If parts are no longer available from our suppliers, we can suggest suitable alternatives for installation. We also carry out repairs on defective lights and LED upgrades.